3rd June 2021

The University of Liverpool and the National Animal Disease Information Service (NADIS) have launched a study to investigate the current parasite control practices of UK cattle farmers.

All farmers are encouraged to fill in a short questionnaire about how they worm their cattle each year. Respondents will be put into a draw to win an iPad and/or a year’s free subscription to the NADIS new online parasite control package.

“We are trying to establish some basic facts such as the prevalence and distribution of worms, for which solid figures and evidence are hard to come by,” says Dr John Graham-Brown from the Univerisity of Liverpool.

“We are interested in all control practices carried out on farms, including things such as grazing management as well as the use of anthelmintics.

“Our survey can be taken in English or Welsh and has been tested by farmers – so it should be easy to follow and complete.”

To fill out the survey click here: https://liverpool.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/parasitic-worms-on-uk-farms-risk-and-control-2