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Reporting suspected lack of expected efficacy in cattle anthelmintic products

17th May 2024

Concerns have been raised about lack of efficacy or suspected resistance to anthelmintic products authorised for use in cattle and sheep but at the same time there are not large numbers of suspected lack of expected efficacy (SLEE) reports received from the livestock sector. There may be many reasons why this is the case, but … Continued

Advice for farmers to ‘ACT’ on Bluetongue

9th May 2024

Farmers and the industry must remain Aware, apply Caution and use evidence-based Tactics to ACT and mitigate against the latest strain BTV-3. Following a technical AHDB meeting with the support of Ruminant Health & Welfare, Lesley Stubbings, sheep consultant and SCOPS adviser (Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep) says: “The fact is, a single bite … Continued

COWS launches lungworm survey

28th March 2024

The Control of Worms Sustainably (COWS) group has launched a survey for vets to find out more about lungworm and its treatment across the UK. Through the survey, COWS hopes to learn more about when outbreaks of lungworm are occurring, what class of stock is most affected, what clinical signs are seen and how well … Continued

Protecting pasture biodiversity

30th January 2024

Reducing potential harmful effects on the environment before applying wormer treatments to cattle is at the centre of livestock Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Research carried out in the USA by Dr Bryony Sands puts some meaningful data behind IPM principles. Many classes of veterinary pesticides have negative environmental impacts on beneficial pasture insects, in particular … Continued

Later than normal challenge from liver fluke this January

4th January 2024

COWS and SCOPS liver fluke experts met recently and agreed that as predicted, the strange weather patterns of 2023 have had a significant impact on the level and timing of the risk of liver fluke disease across the UK. This was initiated by the dry cold spring, hot early summer, and extremely wet July and … Continued

COWS & SCOPS say testing before treating for liver fluke advisable after weird weather this year

20th October 2023

Livestock farmers would traditionally be expecting to go into peak liver fluke season at this time of year – but experts in the Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (SCOPS) and Control of Cattle Parasites Sustainable (COWS) groups say 2023 has been a very strange year in terms of weather patterns. Speaking on behalf of … Continued