Things to do now

Always read the label and ask advice from a vet, vet pharmacist or SQP before deciding which product to use

Things to do now

Always weigh cattle or use a weigh band to calculate the correct dose for each animal

Things to do now

Check meat and milk withdrawal periods for each product before administration

Things to do now

For advice on managing parasite infections in sheep visit

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What is COWS?

Control Of Worms Sustainably (COWS) is a voluntary initiative aiming to provide the best available, evidence-based information to the beef and dairy cattle industries in relation to the sustainable control of both internal and external parasites.

COWS funders

As a voluntary initiative, COWS is kindly funded by: AgriSearch, AHDB, AHDA, AHDB Beef & Lamb, AHDB Dairy, AMTRA, HCC, NFU, NOAH and QMS. COWS also works closely with SCOPS.

Latest Press

Keep your guard up against liver fluke

13th December 2021

While the risk of liver fluke remains low for much of the UK this season, livestock farmers need to keep their guard up again in what is becoming a less predictable parasite challenge. That is the warning from the Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (SCOPS) and Control of Worms Sustainably (COWS) groups as we … Continued

Incredible video shows all the stages of the liver fluke lifecycle

26th November 2021

COWS has uploaded a video of the different stages of the liver fluke parasite from egg-laying adult to egg-laying adult. Moving images prove to be much more powerful than any Life Cycle drawn on a piece of paper, and really hit home how fascinating and potentially pervasive these parasites are. See the video here This … Continued

Make sustainable choices for parasite treatments in young cattle at housing

1st November 2021

Housing is a good time to treat calves for internal and external parasites. However,  doing what has always been done routinely in the past, may not be the way forward this year Traditionally young calves are treated at housing with broad-spectrum products to kill a range of parasites including roundworms, lungworms, liver fluke, lice and … Continued

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COWS Members

  • AgriSearch
  • AHDA
  • AHDB
  • Animal and Plant Health Agency
  • Bishopton Veterinary Group
  • British Cattle Veterinary Association
  • Farm First Vets
  • HCC
  • Mark Jelley
  • Moredun
  • NFU
  • NOAH
  • QMS
  • SRUC
  • University of Liverpool
  • Veterinary Medicines Directorate