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Liver fluke update from COWS and SCOPS

12th May 2020

Last winter may have seen a relatively low incidence of fluke across the UK, but there are still individual farms reporting problems with chronic fluke in sheep warn SCOPS/COWS experts. Whilst the UK may be on lockdown due to COVID-19, livestock farmers are warned that liver fluke is carrying on as normal. Despite the relatively … Continued

Take sustainable approach to worming youngstock

6th April 2020

Cattle farmers should ensure their approach to treating youngstock for roundworms (Ostertagia and Cooperia) is sustainable, so that resistance to products does not develop in the same way as it has in sheep, says Westpoint farm vet Emily Francis based in Winchester. “Where nutrition is good and there are no other diseases present, gastro-intestinal worms … Continued

COWS updates its guide to parasite control

20th January 2020

The Control of Worms Sustainably in cattle group (COWS) has released updated chapters of its technical guide to parasite control, at the Animal Health Distributors’ Association conference in Birmingham last week (Wednesday 15 January 2020). The new sections, covering round worms, lungworm, liver and rumen fluke and ectoparasites such as flies, lice and ticks, provide … Continued