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COWS News & other cattle parasite news

Closing the knowledge gap on rumen fluke

Traditionally regarded as being of minor importance in Europe, recent evidence suggests that the prevalence of rumen fluke infection is increasing in parts of the UK. But, with quantifiable figures of the exact impact to animal health, welfare and farm profits unknown, there appears to be a significant gap in the understanding of this parasite. This knowledge gap has prompted a three-year study to promote a better understanding about the parasite and its exact impact on animal health and welfare. Read more...

Managing liver fluke in bought-in cattle

The COWS guide to managing liver fluke in bought-in cattle is now available.

Bringing in cattle or sheep from markets, other farms or common grazing can introduce new diseases to your own farm, including parasites such as liver fluke.

Controlling parasites in cattle at grass

Managing anthelmintic resistance through the responsible use of cattle wormers was the key take home message at a recent AHDB Beef and Lamb and COWS (Control of Worms Sustainably) farmer meeting. Guest speakers at the event spoke on the importance of understanding the lifecycle of cattle parasites, and managing parasitic challenges responsibly through grazing management strategies and the targeted use of wormers, taking into account different farm systems. Read more...

Additional tool for parasite control

Research proves that grazing management has a vital role to play in reducing the level of exposure and potential growth setbacks caused by cattle parasites, particularly in first grazing season animals. Read more...

Make lungworm control a priority this spring

Lungworm infection is unpredictable by nature, and poses a significant threat to young calves, potentially reducing growth rates by over 20% and costing £50 to £100 per head. Incidences of lungworm are hard to predict and have been consistently reported across the country in recent years. As producers look ahead to spring grazing, control of the parasite should be a key consideration. Read more...

New farmer leaflet

The new COWS farmer leaflet on cattle worming is now available. Copies on the COWS website and at various events including in the Moredun marquee at the Royal Highland Show.

Liver fluke risk lower than last year

The relatively dry autumn this year has meant that the liver fluke risk is lower than it was for last year. Read more...

9 December 2013

Fluke section of Manual Updated

COWS has published a revised chapter of its technical manual, covering liver fluke and rumen fluke.  Read more...

COWS press release: 4 November 2013

Get fluke treatment right this autumn

The COWS industry group is urging beef and dairy farmers to consider the risk of liver fluke infection this autumn and, if indicated, to treat cattle appropriately.  Read more...

Withdrawal periods of flukicides in dairy cattle

NOAH and the VMD have issued a joint statement outlining what products can be used at different stages of a dairy cow’s production cycle, plus detailing limitations on use in dry period and describing the withdrawal periods that must be followed, following changes to the marketing authorisations of some flukicides. This advice is for dairy cattle only, and does not apply to meat withdrawal periods.

Moredun makes major breakthrough in the war against worms

Scientists at the Moredun have made a major breakthrough in the battle to prevent and control parasitic worm infections by successfully protecting sheep using vaccination, giving hope for a sustainable control strategy that does not rely on drugs. Read more in Moredun's press release...

Major funding for research into predicting the health and welfare of dairy cows

Researchers from the Moredun Research Institute and SRUC have received a major funding award. It will be used to develop a project that could ultimately lead to an early warning system for poor health and welfare in dairy cattle. Initially addressing lameness and mastitis, in the long term this may have relevance to the impact of parasitic infections. Read more in Moredun's press release...

COWS press release: 1 May 2013

Don’t forget to treat cattle for fluke at grazing this season

Despite the cold winter liver fluke is still likely to be a problem on many farms during this grazing season. Read more...

Fluke Workshop

A workshop was held at the University of Liverpool on 11 March 2013 entitled "Taking Action to Tackle Liver Fluke in Sheep and Cattle".